All of the contact information for over 1000 NYSNA members is going to be published on the internet

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NYSNA publish an annual directory, accessible online for members only, of all delegates and executive committee members, divided by facility. The contact information will include but not be limited to each delegate or executive committee member’s email address. Members may reserve the right to request that their contact information not be published.

This resolution was passed by the same 200 convention delegates that thought, In their infinite wisdom, that it was a good idea to leave the President in office and promote the Treasurer to Executive Director while they may be facing a criminal investigation by the Department of Labor.

If you read the resolution it means our personal emails will be made public without our explicit consent. It also means they could publish our phone numbers and home addresses.

Some of us are dealing with domestic violence issues. Everyone is concerned about identity theft. Now our union is obligated to make all of our PRIVATE INFORMATION public. Making us targets for Abusive Partners and every hacker on the planet.

If you don’t want all of your private information going public you better let your NYSNA Representative know.

Send an email that says:

I do not want any of my contact information to be included in the Directory.

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We are a group of NYSNA Nurses who care about the future of our union. We want democracy, transparency, and accountability. Some of us are retired, some are recent members, and we are at all points in between. Any information you provide us will remain anonymous unless authorized by you.

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