Members ask for Transparency and Accountability, NYSNA Board of Directors Responds 🖕F*** You

Yesterday NYSNA I See You broke the news that our Executive Director Jill Furillo was leaving in the spring. This morning at about 0030 [interesting time to be sending out emails to the membership maybe next time they’ll use invisible ink] we received an email from the

NYSNA Board of Directors Statement Regarding Succession Planning

We included a resolution that is being circulated calling for an appropriate search to replace our Executive Director. Here is the Board of Directors preemptive strike:

“The Board unanimously decided to offer NYSNA Treasurer Pat Kane, RN, CNOR, the job, to start on April 1, 2020. As part of the transition, Pat would be deputy director beginning November 1, allowing her to begin training with Jill until her April 1 start date. Jill will remain on after April 1 and until July 1 to continue assisting Pat and the union.”

Thanks, good to finally get this communications!

 So is Pat Kane going to step down from the board to take this position?  One can’t be staff with the union and be a board member.   Our Bylaws state:

Pg. 13 of the bylaws – Art. 10, Section 2, “NYSNA staff members may not be candidates for, nor may they serve in, any position” .

She’s been on staff for over 2 years already, paying herself almost $160,000 a year (exact numbers coming soon).

That’s a violation of our bylaws right? Well… Maybe not, it seems when a board member does it it’s not illegal.

Was anyone else even considered? Maybe someone that has actually negotiated a contract for a start. So there isn’t time to do a search from now until next July! Really? How much more is her “training” going to cost us?  What was she getting paid to do for the last 2+ years? The only thing anyone can point to is running for the State Assembly. Is she going to give herself a raise to go with her new title? Did we pay to train any other Executive Director? It sounds so ridiculous I almost laughed out loud writing it. If management did something like this we would be blasting them in the New York Times and demanding investigations.

This is not the Sopranos! 

You don’t get to use our dues to pay your cronies!

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We are a group of NYSNA Nurses who care about the future of our union. We want democracy, transparency, and accountability. Some of us are retired, some are recent members, and we are at all points in between. Any information you provide us will remain anonymous unless authorized by you.

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